Xmas in July aka National Ice Cream Day

MERRY XMAS! Hoe, hoe, hoe

It may not be December 25th, but it’s just as magical…


What better than an actual day devoted to the greatest thing on the planet?!

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If you don’t eat ice cream today you are worse than the grinch, an ex-boyfriend, or any member of Taylor Swift’s “squad”. Like BIIIIYYEEEE talk to you never, have fun with your salad being miserable and skinny.

Now to all of you sane and beautiful people celebrating this remarkable day, call me Fat Santa because I got gifts.

Gift Numero Uno:

This amazing video of I’m not even entirely sure what to call it. It is just too beautiful not to share. Legit starting a petition to get this video to become the 8th wonder of the world. Feast your eyes on this sucker (dare you not to drool):


Gift Numero Two-no:

Amazed by this video, yet being the creative genius that I am, I decided to create my own oreo ice cream sandwich cake thing recipe…but better. Here is my TOP SECRET recipe.

Ingredients: ice cream sandwiches, oreos, ice cream

Tools or whatever they’re called: spoon, remote, blanket

Step 1 – get all the shit I just told you to get (obviously)

Step 2 – sit on a couch with all of the shit in arms reach

Step 3 – take remote and turn on tv

Step 4 – open ice cream

Step 5 – unwrap ice cream sandwiches

Step 6 – open box of oreos

Step 7- create a burrito with yourself and the blanket .. this is the trickiest step because you must make sure you arms are still free

Step 8 – using spoon for the ice cream, alternate taking bites of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and oreos

Step 9 – repeat step 8 until there is nothing left and you hate yourself

BOOM – there ya go: the tastiest and easiest oreo ice cream sandwich thingy recipe of all time. You can thank me later, preferably with ice cream or maybe..a kiss! (hershey’s kiss obviously, one of those big ones the size of my head!)



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