BJ Confessions: #SamLovesWieners Edition

Hello, my name is xtine and I’m an icecreamaholic.

Despite my addiction and the fact that there are over 450 of them worldwide, I still have never walked through heavens doors to taste pure bliss at a Ben and Jerry scoop shop. My vice shall never cease until I do..

Seeing that I turn into totally insane (as opposed to my usual almost totally insane) when I think about BJ scoop shops, it’s safe to say I completely lost my mind my older sister from the same mister (allegedly) sent me these pornigraphic images:

BITCH WENT TO A SCOOP SHOP! Now I know this girl loves wieners, but BJs too?! I honestly don’t think I have ever been so proud and excited. Pretty sure my follow up texts to this pic were pure jibberish, but what else is new.

I obviously needed all of the juicy details and thought y’all might want them too (if not, why the hell are you here? BIIIIYE). So I asked sister Sam if she would be down to do an interview about it via text, a texterview. High fives all around because this rockstar said yes!

Seeing that I was too lazy to ask her over the phone because that would mean I would need to type everything up, I sure as hell ain’t gonna type up our texts. So here are the screen shots.

Clearly things started to escalate quickly towards the end. Not the exact send off I was hoping for, but hey it works.


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