A Rap About BJs

Some of you may know that I am what some may call, “a young rap sensation.” However, for those of you who have been cursed and do not know this, I am sorry, you have been truly missing out. However, do not fret. Let me enlighten you with this rap ode to the two main b*tches in my life: Ben & Jerry.


“Ice Cream Baby”

(rapped to the tune of “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice)


Yo, Ben & Jerry, let’s lick it!


Ice Cream Baby, Ice Cream Baby


All right stop, grab a spoon and listen

BJ’s back with a brand new edition

Some flavors grab a hold of me tightly

Tastes better than buff chick extra spicy

Will it ever melt? Yo, I do know

Take it outside and it’ll flow

To the extreme I eat the pint like a fatt-o

Clear out the fridge, add sprinkles like a wack-o


Prance, consume the freezer with foods

It’s filling your tummy like a portabella mushroom

Heavenly, when stuffed with cookie melody

Anything more than a quart is a deity

Love it and eat it, you gonna  gain weight

You better lick pint gone, BJ’s don’t play


If there’s fudge brownie, yo, I’ll devour it

Check out my stomach as ice cream evolves it


Ice Cream Baby, Ice Cream Baby

Ice Cream Baby, Ice Cream Baby



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